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Abraham Piok
Founder and President

Abraham is the founder and president of the New Sudan Hope Foundation (NSHF). He was born and raised in Sudan. In March 1984, he joined the second Sudanese civil war as a member of Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA). In 1986, Abraham and other child soldiers were encouraged to seek education in Cuba. He returned from Cuba in 1993 after he graduate in high school. But did not join the SPLA because the movement was divided in two factions resulting in bloody fighting and death of thousands civilians in Southern Sudan. Instead Abraham went to Kenya seeking refugee asylum status. He then came to the United State in May 1995 with the help of Lutheran Family Services. He attended Portland Community College from 1997 to 1999 and transferred to Portland State University in September 2000 where he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics in August 2003. In December 2003, he joined the Oregon Department of Human Services Self Sufficiency Program as a Case Worker. Abraham is married to Amol Yong and they have three children. They make their home now in Portland, Oregon.


Anna Quarum

Anna is married to Merrit Quarum and is a mother to Savannah, Jesse and Carissa. She has masters of Arts in Teaching from George Fox University and is presently working on a masters of Theology at Western Seminary. Anna servves on the Board of Trustees for Portland Christian Schools and is passionately driviven to seek righteousness in her community and beyond. Anna has been involved in New Sudan Hope Foundation since January 2008 after she visited Lietnhom in Southern Sudan. n.


Elio Enrique
Web Master & Graphic Designer

Elio Enrique was born in Cuba and graduated as Graphical Designer from the Superior Institute of Industrial Design of Havana in 1995. He has a lot of experience as Graphical Designer and Masters Web. Currently, he works for two companies in Portland, Oregon: ByZion, LLC and Iglesia Nueva Vida. Elio accepted Jesus Christ as his savior at the age of 27 years, and from that point on he has dedicated his life to teach and preach the gospel.