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New Sudan Hope Foundation (NSHF)“Relieving Suffering through words and deeds”
During September of 2007, New Sudan Hope Foundation established in Portland, Oregon to unite relocated Sudanese in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. The mission came forth to collaborate and provide education, health services, and other basic necessities to the war stricken Sudanese people in the New Sudan Regions. Devastation struck the region of New Sudan during the 22-year civil war (1983-2005) led by Khartoum regime and local pro-Islamic government militia against indigenous peoples of Nuba Mts., Southern Blue Nile, and Southern Sudan. The aftermath of this war left over two million Sudanese dead, entire villages destroyed and people displaced. The war decimated economic livelihood which thrived for centuries on livestock and agriculture. Beginning in 2007, as a result of a Peace Treaty, survivors of the ethnic cleansing began to emerge from various hiding areas and refugee camps in neighboring countries, finally able to safely return to their deserted villages to rebuild. Our MissionThe goal and purpose of the New Sudan Hope Foundation is to bring hope to the marginalized and displaced families of Southern Sudan and encourage them to rebuild their lives and communities through education and justice.New Sudan Hope Foundation aggressively seeks to work in conjunction with other organizations in order to spear-head the eradication of illiteracy among boys and girls while improving public health standards throughout the region. With the Peace Treaty in place, hundreds of thousands of Sudanese are now returning to their homes villages in Southern Sudan, Nuba Mts. and Southern Blue Nile. However, there are presently tens of thousands of school aged children living in villages without access to education, basic heath care, or clean drinking water.
The New Sudan Hope Foundation’s Immediate Goals:1. Establish an organized headquarters in the Jongulei state of Southern Sudan (Lith Payam Village), building two elementary schools and one high school, providing education and services to the tens of thousands of school-aged children living in the villages of Southern Sudan.
2. Coordinate consistent communication and logistics for the delivery of resources to the headquarters.
3. Accommodate reliable, consistent transportation to and from these remote areas.4. Provide a mobile clinic for the sick and the elderly living in these remote villages.5. Provide mosquito nets to widows with children, orphans, and people with disabilities.
6. Assist farming families in developing a sustainable rural livelihood.

Ongoing CommunicationAs a nonprofit organization founded by members of Southern Sudan who fled the counntry decades ago, NSHF is committed to ongoing communication among its founders, friends, and charitable organizations on an ongoing basis. Our vision is to work hand in hand with friends and partners around the globe. NSHF will utilize modern methods of communication and technology to build and sustain a partnership network and provide the most up-to-date information about its activities. Presently, we have achieved one channel of communication network so all members and friendly organization have access to current activities, events, and achievements.Fund Raising Activities The executive committee and all the members of NSHF (Perhaps a Board of Directors) are responsible for the selection and approval of acceptable activities for fundraising and other special events hosted by NSHF. Such special events include various Sudanese dances and/or other meaningful events in line with the significance and aspiration of the foundation. NSHF sponsored events may include performances such as Southern Sudanese traditional dances, drama, poetry and music.
Continued Efforts/Future GoalsNSHF plans to continue our efforts by expanding our service areas of mobile clinic outreach and build additional schools and service centers to provide education and basic needs to the regions of the Nuba Mountains, Southern Blue Nile, and the area of Darfur. By building roads and travel routes in these remote areas we can better accommodate the delivery of necessary resources and provide emergency transportation to and from our Lith Payam headquarters. As an organization that was formed with the aim of making a difference in Southern Sudan and marginalized areas, it is the responsibility of its members and friends to work tirelessly in order to help alleviate the oppressive conditions of the needy children and families utilizing education as a priority.