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Life Outreach International is partnering with Bridges of Compassion and New Sudan Hope Foundation to supply 200 pair of shoes to children who have no shoes in Lith Payam, South Sudan. As you may know, many children in South Sudan are dying simply because they have contracted a deadly disease through open cuts on their bare feet. Because they have no shoes, their feet remain vulnerable to these infections over and over again.

Bridges of Compassion has obtained 200 pair of durable sandals made of recycled plastics and has donated them to New Sudan Hope Foundation for distribution in Lith Payam, South Sudan. We can hardly wait to see the looks on their precious faces as they put on their first pair of shoes.

If you would like to donate for postage for the shipment of any amount, your donation is tax exempt.

Life Outreach has had these sandals especially for third world nations and carries the name LIFE on each sandal. You can be a part of giving LIFE to these little ones!

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