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Collaboration with other Organization

Life Outreach International is partnering with Bridges of Compassion and New Sudan Hope Foundation to supply 200 pair of shoes to children who have no shoes in Lith Payam, South Sudan. As you may know, many children in South Sudan are dying simply because they have contracted a deadly disease through open cuts on their bare feet. Because they have no shoes, their feet remain vulnerable to these infections over and over again.

Bridges of Compassion has obtained 200 pair of durable sandals made of recycled plastics and has donated them to New Sudan Hope Foundation for distribution in Lith Payam, South Sudan. We can hardly wait to see the looks on their precious faces as they put on their first pair of shoes.

If you would like to donate for postage for the shipment of any amount, your donation is tax exempt.

Life Outreach has had these sandals especially for third world nations and carries the name LIFE on each sandal. You can be a part of giving LIFE to these little ones!

Our next field trip to Southern Sudan

We anticipate another trip to Southern Sudan in May of 2016 in order to distribute donations to relieve immediate needs. On behalf of the New Sudan Hope Foundation (NSHF), we would like to thank you for your gift.  We are committed to helping the families of Southern Sudan rebuild their lives and communities through education and justice.  Donations like yours will allow us to continue this important work, our mission trip goal of 2011 is $150 000.00! These funds will address in the following projects:

The New Sudan Hope Foundation’s Immediate Resource Needs & Estimates:
1. Global communication systems: Wireless laptop, global cellular telephone with monthly service $2,000 / $200 per month svc.
2. Reliable transportation (vehicle) to provide basic resources to and from the foundation headquarters in Southern Sudan $7,500
3. Assessment of Lith Payam Village Elementary School Project $15,000
4.  Well drilling project $4,000
5.  Assessment of Clinic $10,000
6. New Sudan Hope Foundation Guest House $5,500
7.  Agricultural tools and supplies $5,500
8.  Field Staff salaries and general operating budget $6,000
9. Mosquito net for widows orphans, and disable persons $2,000
10. Leadership Training $1,500
You have the opportunity to participate in this effort through financial contributions, material donations and earnest prayer for the Scripture says,
“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under